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Years 11 and 12 Biological Science

The study of Biological Science provides students with:

The major areas of study within Biological Science include:

There is a strong emphasis placed upon practical work conducted within the laboratory and in the field. A minimum of 2 days/10 hours field work is compulsory as set down by the syllabus.

A basic science background is required, with at least a sound achievement level in junior science being highly desirable. The course involves quite a deal of reading that requires careful interpretation, and thus a sound achievement in English is advantageous. Students should exhibit a willingness to learn, investigate new ideas, and to work together with others. The course is demanding, but is not beyond the capability of students who are prepared to put in a consistent effort at all times and to follow instructions carefully.

Regular diagnostic tests are done throughout each semester. Mid and end of semester tests, complex reasoning tests, field and laboratory reports, research assignments, oral presentations and skill checklists will be used to determine students' overall abilities in knowledge of the subject matter, using scientific and complex reasoning processes in solving problems, and in manipulative skills in the laboratory.

The Biological Science course provides a solid foundation for tertiary science courses involving life sciences (such as medicine, veterinary science and forestry), nursing and laboratory technician work.