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Junior Science Chemistry Worksheets

States of Matter Elements and Compounds
Mixtures Physical and Chemical Changes
Acids and Bases Metals
Hydrocarbons Plastics
Soaps and Detergents

States of Matter
Crossword Puzzle - States of Matter
Crossword Answer - States of Matter
Definitions - States of Matter
Elements and Compounds
Crossword Puzzle - Elements and Compounds
Crossword Answer - Elements and Compounds
Definitions - The Atom
Games - Chemical Formulae Card Game
Matching - Names of Compounds
Miscellaneous - History of the Atom
Miscellaneous - Naming Elements and Compounds
Crossword Puzzle - Mixtures
Crossword Answer - Mixtures
Matching - Separation of Mixtures
Reading Guide - Mixtures
Reordering - Separation of Mixtures
Physical and Chemical Changes
Crossword Puzzle - Physical and Chemical Changes
Crossword Answer - Physical and Chemical Changes
Matching - Physical and Chemical Properties
Miscellaneous - Balancing Equations
Miscellaneous - Chemical Equations
Miscellaneous - Chemical Calculations
Miscellaneous - Properties of Common Objects
Reflective Writing - Chemistry Experiments
Acids and Bases
Acrostics - Acids
Crossword Puzzle - Acids and Bases
Crossword Answer - Acids and Bases
Interview - Interview with Hydrochloric Acid
Miscellaneous - Neutralisation Equations
Cloze - Metals
Crossword Puzzle - Metals
Crossword Answer - Metals
Crossword Puzzle - Hydrocarbons
Crossword Answer - Hydrocarbons
Miscellaneous - Hydrocarbons
Crossword Puzzle - Plastics
Crossword Answer - Plastics
Miscellaneous - Plastics
Paragraph Writing - Thermoplastics
Soaps and Detergents
Crossword Puzzle - Soaps and Detergents
Crossword Answer - Soaps and Detergents
Miscellaneous - Soaps and Detergents