Years 8 to 10 Science Course

Science is the study of the physical world around us, and accordingly the junior science course covers the basic aspects in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences (Astronomy and Geology).

Science is one of the core subjects studied by all students from year 8 through to year 10. As a key learning area, science contributes not only to the development of knowledge and processing skills in the various fields of scientific endeavour, but also to critical and creative thinking, and towards developing an understanding of the impact of technology on different social and cultural settings in our world.

In the new syllabus, students are being provided with the opportunity to be involved in learning experiences designed to enhance their understanding, investigation and communication skills in a scientific context. They undertake the study of units in five scientific concept strands:

  • Life and Living
  • Natural and Processed Materials
  • Energy and Change
  • Earth and Beyond
  • Science and Society