Laboratory Rules

  1. No student may enter a laboratory or preparation room except under the direct supervision of the teacher in charge.
  2. The wearing of thongs, sandals, open or other unprotective footwear will not be allowed in any science laboratory at any time. Suitable leather or vinyl shoes are the only acceptable footwear in the laboratory.
  3. Many materials in the laboratory are dangerous and must be used for the purpose stated by the teacher in charge.
  4. Do not try experiments on your own. Do only the experiments assigned according to the instructions given by the teacher in charge.
  5. Never taste chemicals. Smell chemicals only when instructed to do so, and then cautiously in the correct manner.
  6. Never drink from any taps or any vessels in the laboratory.
  7. Always move carefully in a laboratory, and never run.
  8. Never leave a bunsen burner on when not in use.
  9. Gas and water taps and electrical outlets are not to be used unless directed by the teacher in charge. Interference and/or damage to such could be dangerous and offenders will be severely disciplined.
  10. All accidents (no matter how slight) or breakages must be reported at once to the teacher.
  11. When heating chemicals ina test-tube, point the test-tube away from people. Never look directly into chemical experiments.
  12. A student will not remove nor cause to be removed any item of science equipment from a laboratory.
  13. No bags, ports etc. are to be taken into laboratories.
  14. Before leaving a laboratory, all work areas must be clean and tidy, and any equipment used must be returned to its proper place.
  15. No misbehaviour will be tolerated in the laboratory. Students will be banned from practical work for persistent foolish behaviour.