Junior Science Geology Worksheets

Weathering and Erosion Rocks and Minerals
Fossils Earth Movements

Weathering and Erosion
Cloze - Weathering and Erosion
Crossword Puzzle - Weathering and Erosion
Crossword Answer - Weathering and Erosion
Rocks and Minerals
Crossword Puzzle - Rocks and Minerals
Crossword Answer - Rocks and Minerals
Interview - Interview with a Metal named Copper
Matching - Rock Types
Reading Guide - Rocks and Minerals
Reflective Writing - Rocks
Acrostics - Fossils
Crossword Puzzle - Fossils
Crossword Answer - Fossils
Paragraph Writing - How a Fossil Forms
Reordering - Fossil Formation
Earth Movements
Crossword Puzzle - Earth Movements
Crossword Answer - Earth Movements
Definitions - Earth Movements
Games - Earth Movements Card Game
Internet - Earthquakes
Internet - Volcanoes
Miscellaneous - Newsflash Earthquake!
Miscellaneous - Structure of the Earth
Note Making - Krakatoa
Cloze - Weather
Crossword Puzzle - Weather
Crossword Answer - Weather
Keywords - Weather
Miscellaneous - Synoptic Charts
Paragraph Writing - Water Cycle