Junior Science Physics Worksheets

Forces Forces in Liquids
Motion Density
Pressure Energy
Work and Power Magnetism
Electricity Light and Optics
Sound Simple Machines

Cloze - Friction
Crossword Puzzle - Forces
Crossword Answer - Forces
Keywords - Forces
Miscellaneous - Force Rule
Forces in Liquids
Crossword Puzzle - Forces in Liquids
Crossword Answer - Forces in Liquids
Reading Guide - Forces in Liquids
Crossword Puzzle - Motion
Crossword Answer - Motion
Miscellaneous - Motion Problems
Miscellaneous - Newton's 3 Laws of Motion
Miscellaneous - Speed and Acceleration
Reflective Writing - When I first learnt physics...
Crossword Puzzle - Density
Crossword Answer - Density
Crossword Puzzle - Pressure
Crossword Answer - Pressure
Crossword Puzzle - Energy
Crossword Answer - Energy
Definitions - Types of Energy
Miscellaneous - Energy Tranformations and Transfers
Miscellaneous - Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy
Paragraph Writing - Energy Transformations
Work and Power
Acrostics - Work and Power
Crossword Puzzle - Work and Power
Crossword Answer - Work and Power
Games - Physics Rules and Units Card Game
Matching - S.I. Units
Miscellaneous - Work and Power
Cloze - Magnetism
Crossword Puzzle - Magnetism
Crossword Answer - Magnetism
Cloze - Nuclear Reactor
Cloze - Electricity
Crossword Puzzle - Electricity
Crossword Answer - Electricity
Interview - Interview with a Light Bulb
Miscellaneous - Electronic Components
Miscellaneous - Ohm's Law
Reordering - Coal Power Station
Reordering - Hydro-electric Power Station
Light and Optics
Cloze - Light and Optics
Crossword Puzzle - Light and Optics
Crossword Answer - Light and Optics
Matching - Light and Optics
Crossword Puzzle - Sound
Crossword Answer - Sound
Simple Machines
Crossword Puzzle - Simple Machines
Crossword Answer - Simple Machines
Matching - Simple Machines
Note Making - The Screw